It Chooses You: Pleasure read of Miranda July’s latest

Once again, I am completely blown away by the honest and hilarious efforts of Miranda July. This book. It Chooses You,  is so drop dead gorgeous in July’s appetite to see how people tic. Her work politely pries into the lives of others through the Penny Saver Magazine listings, those non tech savvy crowds that have not figured out Craig’s List. She engages these strangers and non-judgmentally details  their unfolding lives. You may remember her award winning film, and Sundance nod, “Me, You and Everyone We Know” -same drift-but so astonishingly vivid. This was also a precursor to her 2011 film, that I didn’t see yet, The Future.



A day to remember-Tony Bartholomew

It is with complete pleasure, that Fran and Joe Bartholomew and I, get to give the first Tony Bartholomew Post Graduate KSU Residency  tomorrow at an awards ceremony at the School of Art. Tony made a huge impression on all of us at Zygote. HUGE and lasting. This has been a difficult journey for all of us, especially his mother, father,  siblings, Lindsey and John and his lovely gal, Ellie. They have held tight  through all of this-and done it with grace and respect for this sweet boy. I will be happy to see a Kent print grad (both Tony and my Alma Mater) receive the support that this award provides. We were blown away from  the incredible support  from the outpouring of friends and family that attended his retrospective. Enough money was raised to create a legacy (that will last twelve years) in Tony’s honor, so the recipient can create work, connect with a vibrant community and received some financial support for materials. Thank you to the residents, Board and interns at Zygote Press, Christine Havice of Kent State University, Michael Loderstedt and Noel Reifel, and especially his inner circle of friends and family that will continue to remember the tour de force that was the late great Anthony Bartholomew.Image

Totally Im-Pressed at Madison Press

Had a completely amazing experience at Madison Press. Located in Lakewood, Ohio, off Detroit, it is every letterpress artists dream come true. Owned and operated by Ray Willcox and Frank Underwood, these two master printers have worked together since 1973. Frank began printing at age 12, in a a class he took at school. He continued his legacy at Shaw High school, where he honed his printing skills and learned to operate a variety of presses. These two guys are amazing and showed  Mike Gill and I a variety of CandP presses, Heidlebergs and variations there of. We saw some rare type faces, wood type and his amazing linocut press (probably one of the few still working in this area).  Ray’s father was a printer-typesetter and much of the equipment dates back 100 years. Truly felt honored checkin gout this historic place. 





Up late

Had a  Board Meeting today and each pow-wow with the dedicated Zygote Boardies, brings in an air of excitement for what is coming ahead. Really looking forward to the 100×100 benefit event where we get to showcase all the artists that have donated work to support our organization. I know they are constantly asked to “GIVE” their work, with little concession to their own sales. The richness of the artists that are sending us work from afar or those that are regionally close, all have connections to Zygote as past AIR artists, artist residents,  exhibitors, passed interns, International resident artists, teachers, MONOTHONers, WIPers and more.

A special note to the collectors out there… please follow up with your favorite artists (if you didn’t get the pieces you wanted at these benefits coming up)  with studio visits and take your pocketbooks and wallets with you. Call them directly-anytime! They are waiting for you.  Show them just how much you covet their work and I promise, you may be rewarded with an appreciative (and flattered)  artist who is wiling, and sometime able to find a more accommodating price point (unless they are already represented by a gallery) -many times they can cut out the standard 40% which is usually taken by the gallery. Many times, if you see their work at a show, and it sticks with you, this is the very feeling that you should roll with, to make that phone call.Image

Monster Drawing at SPACES


Had a great time at Monster drawing last night. My favorite moment was seeing Susan Channing and telling her what an enormous mentor she has been to me. Her handsome husband was on her arm and I also admire and respect him completely.  She was the first role model who I bet way back when I was an intern at SPACES, and she always had a smile on her face doing the job that was a labor of love. I am so lucky I have been just as lucky!

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