Up late

Had a  Board Meeting today and each pow-wow with the dedicated Zygote Boardies, brings in an air of excitement for what is coming ahead. Really looking forward to the 100×100 benefit event where we get to showcase all the artists that have donated work to support our organization. I know they are constantly asked to “GIVE” their work, with little concession to their own sales. The richness of the artists that are sending us work from afar or those that are regionally close, all have connections to Zygote as past AIR artists, artist residents,  exhibitors, passed interns, International resident artists, teachers, MONOTHONers, WIPers and more.

A special note to the collectors out there… please follow up with your favorite artists (if you didn’t get the pieces you wanted at these benefits coming up)  with studio visits and take your pocketbooks and wallets with you. Call them directly-anytime! They are waiting for you.  Show them just how much you covet their work and I promise, you may be rewarded with an appreciative (and flattered)  artist who is wiling, and sometime able to find a more accommodating price point (unless they are already represented by a gallery) -many times they can cut out the standard 40% which is usually taken by the gallery. Many times, if you see their work at a show, and it sticks with you, this is the very feeling that you should roll with, to make that phone call.Image

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