A day to remember-Tony Bartholomew

It is with complete pleasure, that Fran and Joe Bartholomew and I, get to give the first Tony Bartholomew Post Graduate KSU Residency  tomorrow at an awards ceremony at the School of Art. Tony made a huge impression on all of us at Zygote. HUGE and lasting. This has been a difficult journey for all of us, especially his mother, father,  siblings, Lindsey and John and his lovely gal, Ellie. They have held tight  through all of this-and done it with grace and respect for this sweet boy. I will be happy to see a Kent print grad (both Tony and my Alma Mater) receive the support that this award provides. We were blown away from  the incredible support  from the outpouring of friends and family that attended his retrospective. Enough money was raised to create a legacy (that will last twelve years) in Tony’s honor, so the recipient can create work, connect with a vibrant community and received some financial support for materials. Thank you to the residents, Board and interns at Zygote Press, Christine Havice of Kent State University, Michael Loderstedt and Noel Reifel, and especially his inner circle of friends and family that will continue to remember the tour de force that was the late great Anthony Bartholomew.Image

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