Zygote-a prized possession in Cleveland

I haven’t won many prizes in my 44 years other than trophies and ribbons for my many years of playing tennis and other organized sports back in High school. I was also honored back then with two special honors, speaking at Commencement and getting awarded in the yearbook as having the Most School Spirit. Recently, Bellamy Printz-co-founder/Board Chairman and I  received a very special prize called The Martha Joseph Prize for Distinguished Service to the Arts from the Cleveland Arts Prize. I understand that people on the recommendation panel really went to bat for Zygote. It has been heartwarming and humbling to be honored for what I love to do. It is beyond me how I  get paid for working with a terrific staff, creating programs and exhibitions that pull amazing artists through our doors, am able to demystify the process of printmaking for new comers, teach kids why prints are so way-cool, bringing in and working with artists from beyond our region, all while making and developing my own work as an artist in this town. So…with my best, most spirited cheer, I am so excited and deeply fortunate to have such a wonderful mission at Zygote. Thanks to everyone who rallied for Zygote. We very much appreciate the validation and salute.Image

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