Creative Workforce Fellowship 2013 Updates

Creative Workforce Fellowship 2013 Updates

The photograph is from work I created for a solo show called Desperate Signs Exhibition at 1point618 Gallery. I am exhibiting upstairs with the talented Kristin Rogers downstair in the project space. The show is up until April 12th. Please go and see this exhibition. Please contact me if you are interested in arranging a visit-hours vary regarding opening of Kristin and I are arranging another event-so more details to follow.

I have been very busy, almost too busy for posting which
I know is not very productive as this wonderful Fellowship is upon me in 2013. It is March after all, so I thought some updates were in order for may behind the scenes activity.
I started out in January with an exhibition called HALF EMPTY with Dale Goode at Arts Collinwood, and a community sign project called Half Full. This is for the amazing activities going on for Collinwood Rising-about artists (and creativity) trying to solve some of the challenges regarding vacancy in that neighborhood.

I made a proposal CURB APPEAL to Rooms to Let, a project space that connects with Neighborhood Development community to re-inhabit spaces (houses) in various stages of vacancy-demolition-renovation-rehab down in Columbus, run by Melissa Vogley Woods. The project will include interventions by Cleveland artists Dana Depew, Elizabeth Emery, Michael Loderstedt, Corrie Slawson and myself where we will head down (sometime in May) and intervene with projects to show the potential of a homes reparation and rehab from the exterior.

I am also one of the participating artists with Art Scores, a project with Cleveland Public School students where the poetry they write inspired artists work. All proceeds support this amazing program. I am looking forward to Drawn and Quartered participation and Monster Drawing coming up in the next few weeks.

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