Computers, Balloons and Conferences

Today was one of those planning and implementing days for ordering useful tools (that I could never have afforded before) from the financial support from this fantastic CPAC Creative Workforce Fellowship, that will aid me in many upcoming installations, projects, marketing efforts and efficient documentation. With the help of my webmaster, Bernie Sokowlowski, he has been at my side now for five years or so,  recommending equipment and assisting  me through the confusion of the many tech navigation decisions I need to make. I have been without a desktop now for two months, so today I purchased my first  iMAC and also bought a refurbished iPAD . I also got  the tech support  classes to help me understand the flow between the apple products and to flirt with the guys at the Genius bar. Being able to be more independent around the computer is going to be so beneficial for my work-manipulating text and image…etc. I ordered 99 red balloons for a project (everyone wants to sing that song-I know it!). Solidifying plans for the Southern Graphics Conference in Milwaukee (heading there with Corrie) and awaiting a review from Scene’s art editor, Joseph Clark from 1.618 gallery that comes out on Wednesday.

Talked to Tom Sodders, a retired Teamster today, and we are going to begin our collaborative printmaking project where various union members are working with Zygote artists. This exhibition will be in July. The exhibition is still up at the library so please go and see this great New Deal Exhibition at Cleveland Public Library. city limits

A proposal I made to Rooms to Let, (a Melissa Vogley-Woods project) down in Columbus was accepted. ROOMS TO LET makes houses available to artists that are in various stages of redevelopment and disrepair for  interventions that reflect, posture and prompt  the community .   The proposal is called CURB APPEAL.

CURB APPEAL: Advertising Space addresses a direct response to vacancy through advertisement, graphics, signage and promotional constructs, through imagined and well intentioned, mediations, narratives and interventions.

Curb appeal”  is the attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property. The term was used during the housing boom in the United States and continues to be an indicator of the initial appeal of a property to prospective buyers.

The proposition for CURB APPEAL is intended between a buyer and seller paradigm and suggests an optimism and resourcefulness for re-inhabiting the property. Some wonderful artists are working with me, Corrie Slawson $ Marc Leftkowitz, Elizabeth Emery, Dana Depew, Michael Loderstedt and myself. Really looking forward to this opportunity of Cleveanders in Columbus.

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