Visit to Columbus King Lincoln Neighborhood and more

Headed down to Columbus with the crew of Dana Depew, Jeff Chiplis, Corrie Slawson and Mely Barragan, visiting artist from Tijuana. We had a whirlwind trip and were able to document and get some quick photos of our project house. As I was letting go of a few of the  Up in the Air balloons with the house address on with a message about finding out about the house, one of the neighbors came over and was disgruntled a bit because one of them had popped in his yard and he had to pick it up. Of course, he also wanted to know what we were doing snooping around the vacant lot next to his. Several of us were measuring and documenting. I explained our project and he seemed to open up a bit following that point. He told us that he had wanted to purchase this huge house and that it was still in the plans. He took care of the vacant lot, mowing it and keeping trash off it. He told us about a murder just across the street and a fire of a burnt out garage, still visible in the back. I told him, that even though we are from Cleveland and we are a visitor in his neighborhood, we had similar issues in regards to vacancy and foreclosure (and all the systemic problems that surround the housing crisis). The conversation was exactly what we had spoken about going down to Columbus.ImageImageImageImage

Latest Lizzy Updates

Had a wonderful night with the opening of the show I curated called Obsessive Intracasies at Zygote. I am lucky to have such A-One talent under our own(Zygote) roof and from out own region. Curating an  exhibition is more then connecting works together in a logical way, but trying to show the intersections and differences that can take you, and hopefully those that visit the space, on  tangential journeys, provoking a rounded experience for those that engage with the work. I see organizing exhibitions as a crucial part of  my own art practice. Nicole Schneider once again is a master partner in the labor intensive exercise of installing, prepping and administrating exhibitions at Zygote.

Two very important benefits that I commit to each year are coming up-ArtCARES (AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland) and Art Scores (After school writing and poetry programs for CMSD). Carrying Twins (pictured above) and BLACK OUT (a neon work) will be presented to make some $ for these two worthy organizations.

On another front, part of my CWF fellowship proposal, aims to look at ways in which I can intervene and create work about vacancy will be taking place with the research trip down to Columbus for CURB APPEAL with Jeffry Chiplis, Mely Barragan (Creative Fusion artist), Corrie Slawson and Marck Lefkowitz. Marc is going to eloquently frame the project in the summer issue of CAN journal. We were appointed a new house where, additionally, Dana Depew and Michael Loderstedt will also be participating in this intervention of vacancy and rehabbing space for the neighborhood event that takes place on May 18th in Columbus.

Have a few other shows on the horizon, three text-based works at Hillary Gent’s space for Third Fridays at 78th Street Studios on the 19th of April about Relationship Abuse and featuring some sketchbooks at another 78th Street gallery, Forum Art Space in same complex. I am also in the Dress Show curated by Denise Stewart at Bay Arts coming up in May. Working on that project archiving the significance of dresses in women’s memory of past events.