Looking back on 2012, I gotta say, “WOW, man”!

Here is what I managed to accomplish…and it is because of the wonderful support of the Creative Workforce Fellowship.



Jan. 4 Opening at Arts Collinwood HALF EMPTY

January 30 Opening at Gallery West “SALVAGE” Cuyahoga Community College


15th Opening Reception at 1point618 Gallery


Website development Bernie Sokolowski

Purchased New IMAC


New camera

Research trip-lunch for participants Columbus

Trip to Columbus-with Rooms to Let crew


Curated Obsessive Intricacies show at Zygote Press

Christi Birchfield contract printing she-printed old plates  8 editions of 4 completed

Show at Hillary Aurand’s gallery with Rape Crisis Center/


Monster Drawing-creation of three drawings benefitting SPACES Gallery May 4th

Juuried Lakeland Community College May Show with Matt Dibble

Rooms to Let May 18th event

Idea Culture at Forum Art Space

Donation to APL benefit

Commissioned contracted work of prints by Christi Birchfield


Coordinated (and donated art) to CAN art auction at Convivium

CAN art donation

-CAN article about project $500

RTL meeting and planning session Slavic Village CDC/Vogley-Woods


InDesign coaching with (Bernie)

Dress show Bay Arts

Toledo trip-art commission to see Art-o-matic 419/Mark Folk

Preparation for show at MOCA

Create work for Exeter Academy Exhibition in August


Shipping for What is important is…., San Antonio show U of TX.

Shipping for On and Off the Page Exeter show New Hampshire

Guest Curated Everything All AT Once at MOCA, moderated opening panel discussion

Trades Show (Labor) at Zygote Press-4-5 month collaboration with Tom Sodders teamster

Fix neon broke in shipping King of Neon


Work with Bernie to develop digital prints

Visiting artist at UTSA-San Antonio Exhibition

Visiting artist at Phillips Exeter Academy Exhibition

Travel, lecture, working with student classes

Benefits framing for Bay Arts

Art Means Business Panelist, Warren Ohio through YSU

Lectured to CWRU class MOCA Cleveland show



Morgan benefit work

MOCA benefit work

Photoshop design work-Bernie Sokowlowski Quiet Protest

Commissioned Book Cover for Terry Allen Out of Breath novel


Spaces Benefit

Alaska Anchorage trip-scope out galleries/residency opportunities

Consultancy for Slavic Village Rooms to Let (Spring 2014)

Images of studio used for ARTFULL session at MOCA ‘Mom’s with Home Studios’ Grabner show


Zygote Holiday Off-the-wall show

ANNEX: a major big deal!

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