Summer of Art in Cleveland

Artist Trust

Come hang out  for the rehang of the Artist Trust which has now ben called the Cleveland Artist Registry. It will rehangs during FRONT in Gordon Square’s Micro Artspace. Join us in July at the Gordon Square Art Space the celebrate another exhibition of the 400+ artist self-portraits originally collected by Liz Maugans for the 2017 “Constant in the Sun” exhibit at MOCA. The show will highlight local artists while visitors are in town for the FRONT and CAN Triennials. Bring your portrait to the Gordon Square Art Space at 1386 W. 65th onSaturdays between 12-8pm or by appointment at the Gordon Square office at 78th Street Studios. Mail submissions to: Gordon Square Arts District 1305 W. 80th St., Suite 114. Cleveland, OH 44102. OR you’re welcome to stop by on Saturday, July 7 to create your portrait at the micro-gallery during our open gallery hours from 12:00-8:00 pm.Some supplies will be available, or bring your own!35369029_10156224528445856_8682227125589114880_o

Lakewood Light-in-Sight


Me and Dana Depew my collaborating artists for the Community city Engaged arts project for the New Lakewood Family Health Center


Lakewood Light In-Sight is a community collaborative project with a 70’ mixed media installation inspired by residents of Lakewood.  The Solstice Steps plays a significant role in conceptualizing the project. Lakewood residents will be asked to respond to the statement, “Lakewood is…” Written, texted, and email responses will be collected. Several times each week, their responses will be displayed within the mixed media installation. Lakewood Light In-Sight will also include a range of community engaged activities. We hope to capture the diversity of the community and how Lakewood responds to public spaces. We’re seeking commentary on day-to-day life in Lakewood, and the special events like The Taste of Lakewood, Lakewood Arts-fest, 4th of July day parade, Light up Lakewood. We intend to respond to the community with quirky, sculptural renditions of people enjoying the Solstice Steps, for example, and celebrate their wellness and quality of life. Liz Maugans and Dana Depew are the principal artists involved with the orchestration and production of art and materials to complete Lakewood Light In-Sight. Other artists may be invited to participate as the project develops and expands into the Lakewood community. Residents of Lakewood are the primary source for the narrative component of the project.

CAN TriennialFullSizeRender-1

I am thrilled to be included in the CAN Triennial that opens on July 6th with a benefit VIP benefit at 78th Street Studios. I will be included in a group exhibition at HEDGE Gallery with all the other artists that Hilary Gent represents. The CAN Triennial runs the first month of the FRONT Triennial and Cleveland and greater NEOhio expects over 300,000 people to attend these events throughout the region showcasing work of International, national and area artists. Here is a little CAN teaser of what is to come.


New Studio at 78th Street Studios

I am pleased to be sharing a studio with my friend Amy Morgenstern who creates jewelry and all kinds of great things. Since January of 2018, we are happy to be apart of this great community. We hope to continue with projects and enjoy all the synergies happening at this great Cleveland arts landmark. I can be found there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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